Friday, March 1, 2013

It has been suggested that I introduce you all to the wonderful women of Gahaya Links.  These sisters have started a business of weaving baskets in Rwanda.  They have had such great success that they are now exporting to the U. S.!  (They are looking for a Canadian to take on their products, interested?)
These are just a few of the 4000 weavers of Gahaya Links.  This company has grown to 52 cooperatives all over Rwanda, mostly rural women who are re- building their lives after the genocide of 1994 that left over one million dead.  The company was created to help the women of Rwanda literally and figuratively weave their lives back together.  They welcome volunteers to support their efforts and would love to have an intern who has experience "making" like any one of us from the Material Arts department at OCADU.
Check out their website!
Consider having the adventure of your life!I

They now have a designer consulting to them from the U.S. who is designing these beaded neck pieces on leather.  The plan is to show case these at Anthropologie.

I would love to share more info with anyone who is interested, feel free to contact me,
Daniela Tiger

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