Friday, March 1, 2013

Four Eyes Supper Club Presents: Pop-up Dinner Party!

Four Eyes Supper Club put together a pop-up dinner on the eve of January 17, 2013. The overall theme of the event was to integrate art, design and food. The event was hosted in a residential commercial loft space that was able to accommodate 12 guests for the dinner party. There were a variety of activities that were offered to the diners. We had placed a large canvas on the wall for party guests to paint on and painting supplies and were provided. 
Ready, set, PARTY!

The table was furnished with the group members products, which included ceramic bowls, napkin holders/rings made from vintage cutlery, acrylic laser-cut stir sticks and hand dyed napkins. All of these items were also available for sale throughout the evening.
Custom-made products

To get our guests' creative juices flowing, we covered the dinner table with craft paper and provided crayons for doodling. Then we threw in some marshmallows and tooth picks for some 3D fun. In no time at all, our craft paper was covered in amazing drawings and two teams battled it out to see who could build the biggest and best marshmallow tower. 

Two teams go head to head in an all out battle of wit and design

Sparkling punch with custom Four Eyes stir sticks

When the guests arrived at 7pm they were offered complementary punch and half of them had also brought their own wine for the dinner. We were so lucky to have chef Paul Baneham create a customized menu for the event. Guests dined on fresh mango salad, a taco bar with five spice duck, black bean squash and blackberry salsa. For dessert there were mini donuts with vanilla or maple frosting as well as bacon bits and cereal for toppings. We served family-style and it was great to see everyone enjoying the food and having fun with the interactive aspect of it all.

Most of the guests that came to the event were all friends with one or more of the group members. We had contacted friends that we thought would enjoy a different dining experience and most of the guests that came were either in the arts or the hospitality industry. They all tended to be extroverted and were able to interact with one another at ease.
Our overall objective was to create an event that was about an experience and that would also showcase our design backgrounds. We were not intending on generating any profits only to break even for the pop-up dinner, which we did. All in all, the event was a smashing success. The guests loved the food and enjoyed each others' company. In hindsight the only thing we would have done differently was to squeeze in a couple more chairs for ourselves so we could get in on the fun!


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