Monday, February 25, 2013

Repetitive Creation

We are a group of artists looking to gain attention from the community by bringing our studio practices into a public space. We rented a fire pit area in DufferinGrove Park where we held our one-day event. The experience we planned was to be a 12-hour event in the park in which we invited the community to view our private practices of making. We sought to create original works that are inspired by our environmental limitations, be it the weather, lighting (or lack there of), or the process of working for 12 hours straight. In creating this experience, we hoped to engage with the public as so often artists are tucked away working in their studio and their artwork is only viewable to the public once it has been finished, which can create a certain disconnect. The artworks created throughout the duration of the day were available for purchase, alongside other small pieces that were created prior to the event.

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