Monday, February 25, 2013

Happy Little Round Things

The Happy Little Round Things event as an overall experience was a successful one. Those that were in attendance were impressed with the event and enjoyed their stay, however, we did not attract nearly as many people as we had anticipated.

The team arrived at 8:30am on the morning of our pop up event to begin setting up. Doors were open at 11am, with four crafting stations set up and two Thai Yoga Massage practitioners, a cafe area with food and beverages and a retail display of work created by the Happy Little Round Things team. The space was decorated with balloons and colorful signage and CBC Radio’s Kids music station was being streamed to speakers. The space was being fully used without being overcrowded or hard to navigate.

In total, we had five crafters come in – two under the age of five, a fourteen year old, and two twenty one year olds. The children who did attend and participate in the craft workshops enjoyed the variety of crafts available to them and even went so far as to come up with their own crafts using the materials provided. The event brought in two families that were not related to any of the Happy Little Round Things organizers, but had been familiar with the services of our guest Thai Yoga instructors. Both families fell into the category of our target audience (mid twenties to early thirties, health-minded, cultured, educated individuals with young children, living in the area) so it was positive to see that we were attracting the people of our target market.

The research and planning that went into this event and the goods and services provided on the day of can be counted towards the success of the Happy Little Round Things project. Our event was not so much a success in execution, but it surely was in intention. Despite the thorough planning and research that went into the event, the turnout was minimal. But those who did come gave us positive feedback and said they would come again if a similar event were thrown in the future. No profit was made but everyone who came had a fun time, and so did the Happy Little Round Things team!

More on our website:

Alice's origami

Danica and Liane playing with our balloons!

Rachael's Finger Puppet station

Alice's Origami station

Danica's Brooch station

Cleaning up our lovely space at the end of the day! 

The group minus one

Hayley's Pom Pom station

Liane setting up the station

Rachael blowing up balloons

Liane, Danica, and a crafter playing Twister

Liane really wanted to hold all the balloons at once


Our outdoor sign

Hands Making

Our retail products! We sold one Bookmark Ring.

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