Thursday, February 28, 2013



            Our popup event took place on February 12, 2013. We were located in the main lobby at OCAD University outside the main auditorium (room190). We were open from 10am – 6pm. We sold handmade Valentine’s Day cards for three dollars each. We sold candy kabobs for two dollars each. We offered a variety of free treats such as cookies, candy and Tim Bits. We had a temporary wall set up covered in paper like a giant card. We invited people to write messages and draw on our card whether they bought anything or not. That was very successful. We offered a complimentary card delivery service. The plan was that people would purchase a card, write their message in the card, provide us with the recipient’s locker number and we would deliver the card on Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately that was not successful.

Each card was made out of abaca fibre. Many of them had wildflower and forget-me-not seeds embedded within the paper so that the cards could be planted after. We each designed about twenty cards. Our cards’ sentiments were an eclectic collection. They were loving, raunchy, silly, sensitive, whimsical, endearing and edgy. Our collection was able to suit the needs of various relationships, friendships and anything in between.

HANDMADE PAPER ALL READY TO TURN INTO AMAZING VALENTINES! =D A good five hours of hard and laborious work from start to finish laying right here!

Sonia laying our our cards and getting the treats ready...mmmm treats....
Lindsey was the only one that could reach the top of our card AWESOME! =D couldn't of done it without her!

 Happy girls showing off those pearly whites after the set up. ALL READY TO GO! (9:00am) 

 Is that our first customer!?! Thank you for your support =D
Another customer who was writing a note to put on our big card =) 

 Little heart decorations made by Marlissa! We covered a wide range of walls with them. Aren't they the cutest? =D
 YUMMY CANDY KABOBS! Only 2 dollars? WHAT!? AWESOME! Made by the one and only Marlissa =)

A shot of the wall before take down =) Thanks to all who wrote on the card! 

 Katie and I counting money and figuring out how we did at the end of the was HARD WORK but we did pretty good! =D YEAH!

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